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Prayers to End Forced Labor

Many times people talk about sex trafficking and never mention domestic servitude when they are raising awareness about human trafficking. But the reality is both are slavery and both are forced labor. This week our prayers will be for freedom for those enslaved around the world in forced or bonded slavery. Children around the world are caught in forced labor… Read more →

Prayers of Freedom to End Slavery

Here is a story of hope through the Freedom Project at CNN. Your prayers are making a difference. Thank you all for your prayers of justice and freedom we know that each prayer is changing the world. This week our focus is on forced labor. In a 2012 report done by the International Labor Organization (ILO) estimated that 21 million… Read more →

Children freed from Forced Labor in India

This week a news report was released about children freed from forced labor. The tragedy happened in India. Fourteen children were forced to make Christmas decorations that were then reportedly sold on Ebay to the West. They lived in a dirty basement and forced to work with broken glass. The children were found and sent back to their families. Our prayers… Read more →

Forced Labor and How you can bring change

Slavery exist all over the world from America to Thailand their is no country that is immune to human trafficking. In the United States their are cases of forced labor in tomato fields, in Asia there are cases of children being forced to work in fishing boats, around the globe are stories of people living in forced labor. According to… Read more →

Prayers to End Forced Labor

Thank you all so much for praying with us to end slavery. We appreciate how you are taking time to pray for your community, nation and the world. This week we are praying for the freedom of people trapped in forced labor. As with all slavery, forced labor happens almost everywhere in the world from the United States to Cambodia. Tomato… Read more →

Prayer Points to End Child Labor

The problem of child labor is far reaching from America to Asia and in Africa. Child labor has effected all parts of our imports and exports, as children are easily manipulated by adults and used many times as a commodity. The very ones that should be protected because of their innocents and vulnerability are the ones that are suffering. Here… Read more →