Prayers to End Slavery and Actions that Follow

In my life I spend a large amount of time doing two things in the ministry. Praying for the end of human trafficking and researching human trafficking and slavery. For me the fight to balance faith in praying with the reality in research is tough at times. And I have to stay focused on Gods ability to transform the world and not my ability to pray.

I think it challenges many people when praying for a circumstance, problems or facing issues of injustice. To answer tough questions that we face in prayer and to challenge ourselves in our faith. Making sure that the prayers we pray are bold and courageous and at the same time believing the words we pray.

Questions that can challenge you in prayer.

  • Are my prayers so bold that it will stretch my faith?
  • Are my prayers going to change the world around me and my community?
  • Do I believe every word that I pray?
  • Do my prayers reflect the love and heart of Christ?
  • After I pray will I walk in faith no matter what the circumstances?

These are tough questions in all of our lives. Dealing with the injustice of slavery and praying for the end of this injustice has challenged every part of my life. Continually, God has asked me to be faithful in Him when there seems as the injustice of slavery will always exist and to pray with faith then walk out those prayers with action and love.

Today is one of those days where I am walking out the prayers that I have prayed. I will go and meet with Senator Cornyn’s office in Dallas with another organization called “Rescue Her.” We will be asking for him to support a new bill that will bring accountability to government contractors: “End Trafficking in Government Contracting Act” this bill could bring protection to vulnerable people around the world and prevent human trafficking in the future.

In preparation for the meeting I did research and contacted a great organization that works in the fight against slavery, “International Justice Mission.” They helped write the bill to end this form of trafficking, they also assisted me in research for the meeting.

It always amazes me the ways in which people enslave others. I have been researching and working with victims for two years and still stories emerge that shock me. But through prayer I know that circumstances will, can and are changing. God has always been the one that moves the mountains and slavery is a mountain. As I am praying for the end of slavery and standing up with my voice to challenge the issue of injustice I know that faith in God is the real answer to see change around the world.

What are the prayers that you are praying for today? And are those prayers challenging your faith?


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