Prayers for the Enslaved

A girl in our outreach showing her mask off.

Countries around the world have laws that mandate slavery as illegal yet slavery still exist and generates a lot of money. Some statistics say as high as 32 billion dollars a year. And every country in the world has made slavery illegal. This clearly means there are major gaps in the laws that exist and the enforcement of the laws.

In the last 4 years of working in counter trafficking I can say that prejudicial treatment against victims, women, children, race, caste, education level can all result in the victim being blamed and the trafficker never brought to justice. So this week we are going to pray and ask God for change for the victims and for those that need justice.


  • Justice: That court cases around the world would not show partiality to anyone because of funding, social stasis, race or religion but be objective and reflect justice. Exodus 23:2
  • Judges and juries: The judges and juries who are assigned to trafficking cases would be informed about slavery and the complexities with trafficking victims. They would have God’s wisdom in each case. Exodus 23:6
  • Lawyers: God would provide lawyers to fight for freedom. They would be anointed to try each human trafficking case they are given. Ezra 7:10


  • New laws: Any gaps in laws that deal with human trafficking would be addressed and changed. Psalm 119:7
  • Current laws: Laws that exist would be enforced and judicial systems would pursue cases of human trafficking. Leviticus 18:5Leviticus 25:18
  • Change laws: Any laws that criminalize the victim would be exposed and changed. Laws around the world would reflect Christ justice and heart for people. Psalm 119:108


  • Victims: Any victims that are enslaved because of unjust laws or lack of enforcement of those laws would be found and freed. Luke 4:18
  • Justice: Victims of trafficking would have justice. Traffickers would be prosecuted for there crimes. Sentences would be a deterrent for others.
  • Police and Judicial Systems: They would pursue cases and enforce current laws and not blame the victim for the criminal.

Thank you for praying for justice and freedom.

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