Prayer & Fasting Campaign to End Child Trafficking

Awareness and Education

Awareness and education, two necessary tools to bring an end to human trafficking. It’s hard to work in combating human trafficking and still think that awareness is needed to end slavery. Because it is so apparent, every week in the news a story is out about an under-age girl being trafficked by an adult, a bust by the police on child pornography or a survivor speaking up with courage about what they have endured. And when you go to certain countries all you have to do to buy a child for a few hours is to walk down the street and pick one out.  On the surface more people are aware of the problem and it seems so obvious yet we still need awareness and education to end slavery.

Two major factors that are needed to bring awareness and education to end slavery. One is for communities to know the dangers of human trafficking and how traffickers operate. The other is to stop the criminalization of victims of human trafficking. Many times as I raise awareness about slavery this problem comes up, and to be honest many non-profits that work in combating human trafficking are to blame for the lack of proper awareness. As they tell stories of victims that are bound in chains or in shipping containers, which is beyond horrific. But so is the story of the little 12 year old girl tricked by a man 30 or older saying he is her boyfriend and selling her at a local motel. Both are human trafficking, are awful, wrong, unjust and  both are slavery.

By law in the U.S. and most countries, human trafficking have the elements of force, fraud or coercion. Many times the victim is not under lock and key, they are watched but not chained in a room. There are victims that are but many are not. So our prayer this week is that people would understand the law, have grace for the victims and desire justice for the criminal’s.

As we pray this week for more people to become aware of the problem of slavery lets also make sure that truth is revealed about victims. Many times when cases come to court the myths and misconceptions about human trafficking stop real justice from happening in the judicial system. We know that prayer can change that and bring true and lasting change to stop slavery.


  • Aware: People around the world would be aware that slavery exist and know the forms of human trafficking. 2 Samuel 22:29
  • Informed: As awareness is raised, people would be informed about human trafficking. That victims are not always under lock and key. Misconceptions about slavery would be exposed. Proverbs 22:20-22
  • Law: People would understand that slavery happens through force, fraud or coercion. Court cases would reflect the justice. Exodus 23:6


  • At-Risk Communities: People who are high risk of becoming victims would know the signs of traffickers. Be aware of the ticks they use to deceive. Psalm 111:10
  • Teens: Would be taught about slavery and how to prevent and stop it from happening to them and their friends. Exodus 4:15
  • Responders: People working with the public would know what to look for and report slavery.


  • Rescue: People that are enslaved would be freed. 2 Timothy 4:18
  • Restoration: Victims would know complete restoration through Christ Jesus. Amos 9:11
  • Revival: Jesus change hearts around the world and bring revival that brings freedom to the enslaved. Luke 1:17, Acts 15:9
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