Prayer & Fasting Campaign: Ending Child Slavery


In recent years with the expansion of the internet new forms of human trafficking have risen from the dark. One of these forms of trafficking is Cyber-sex tourism. Here is what International Justice Mission (IJM) a non-profit fighting to stop this injustice has written about Cyber-sex trafficking.

Cybersex trafficking is the live-streaming sexual exploitation of
children viewed over the internet. Pedophiles and predators
anywhere in the world can now search online and wire a secure
payment to an adult who sets up the show. Boys and girls—some
under 2 years old—are abused or forced to perform sex acts in
front of a webcam. The more abusive the show, the more the
customer pays.
Unlike bars or brothels with a permanent address, cybersex trafficking victims can be moved to and abused in any location with an internet connection and a webcam, or just a mobile phone. Cybersex trafficking has become a terrifying cottage industry with high profit margins.
This week our prayers are for all of those fighting to confront this injustice and for those who have been trapped in one of the most hidden forms of human trafficking.


  • God bring freedom to the children enslaved in Cyber-sex trafficking. Galatians 5:1
  • Shine a light into this form of slavery around the world and expose countries that are tolerating Cyber-sex trafficking or looking away when they know it exist. 2 Samuel 22:29
  • Help each child trapped in this form of slavery to know their is hope and bring them freedom. Psalm 25:5


  • Let ever survivor know the redemptive power of Jesus. Psalm 111:9
  • Help the children that have been freed to find a safe place to get healing.   
  • Let each child that is or has been enslaved to not give up hope but find redemption, freedom and salvation. Psalm 69:29Isaiah 33:2


  • People would stand up for justice and not remain silent. Esther 4:14
  • Those fighting for freedom would have strength, courage and protection from God to continue.  Joshua 1:9
  • Awareness would be raised and people would know that Cyber sex trafficking exist and people would stand for freedom. 2 Chronicles 6:28-30
  • Those fighting to stop this form of slavery would have strength to continue and never give up hope.
 We believe that your prayers are changing the world and bringing freedom to children around the world.
To download the fasting devotional click here.
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