Christmas and praying for an end to slavery.

This week as I worked in a shelter for Human Trafficking and Domestic Violence teaching. The subject of Christmas came up and one of the ladies raised her hand to her head and said “Oh, I have to spend my Christmas here.” A rush of thoughts came into my head, their were children playing outside the huge window waving at me persistently until I waived back.  I looked up at her and smiled and said “I will pray for you.”  As I drove home I started to really think about the lives of the people there. They will not be with their families at Christmas, they will have only what others give them. “I will pray for you” these were not idol words that I said and would forget on my way. These words were from God, for her to know that someone cares about her, who she is and the life that she lives.

In our daily life it is hard to remember that other people are struggling. That their are people within our communities that are trapped in slavery, young girls that are forced on the street and sold. Women, children and men from other countries brought to ours and forced to work with no pay, held prisoner. I am sure many of you are asking what can I do? How can I help?

Prayer, as you pray for your families and friends I ask you to pray for the victims of slavery this Christmas. In Isaiah 54:2 “Enlarge the place of your tent; Stretch out the curtains of your dwellings, spare not; Lengthen your cords.” I think this verse goes much deeper than we ourselves give it credit. Asking to stretch our hearts and make room for others. You may not be able to go and rescue a victim of slavery.

You might have bought things for Christmas that pay for people’s enslavement. With my understanding of slavery now I am sure most of the World has, slavery is ingrained into our society. I believe that this is changing and with every prayer brings us closer to a slave free World.

This Christmas I am asking you to pray and to remember the people that are invisible, that God would intervene and bring freedom. To pray for the women and children that are in shelters all over the World to know that God loves them. I think that the spirit of Christmas is really a pouring out of the Holy Spirit. So this Christmas lets have more of Gods Spirit.

What will be your prayers this Christmas?

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