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Prayer and Fasting Campaign to End Slavery 2017

12th Annual Prayer and Fasting Campaign This year we are focusing of Native Indian population and Tribal People around the world. In the past years we have been working in Asia where tribal people are falling victim to slavery at unprecedented numbers. In the past year it has also come to our attention that Native American girls and boys are… Read more →

Prayers of Freedom and Salvation to End Slavery

Thank you for joining us to pray for the end of slavery. Your prayers are changing the world. This week we are focusing on three areas of prayer to end slavery. Education which provides opportunities, freedom spiritually, and mentally from slavery and salvation which changes the hearts of people. Education: God protect girls who are in school from traffickers, terrorist and… Read more →

Prayers of shelter, to end demand & freedom for those enslaved

Thank you all for praying with Prayer For Freedom to end slavery in our lifetime.  Your prayers are making a difference bringing us all one step closer to ending slavery. We are focusing on three  main areas of prayer this week, to end demand, safe shelter for victims and freedom for those enslaved. Over the past seven years of fighting… Read more →

Prayers for New Laws, Enforcement and Freedom to End Slavery

Countries around the world have laws that mandate slavery as illegal yet slavery still exist and generates a lot of money. Some statistics say as high as 32 billion dollars a year. And every country in the world has made slavery illegal. This clearly means there are major gaps in the laws that exist and the enforcement of the laws.… Read more →

Prayers to End Cyber Sex Trafficking

In recent years with the expansion of the internet new forms of human trafficking have risen from the dark. One of these forms of trafficking is Cyber-sex tourism. Here is what International Justice Mission (IJM) a non-profit fighting to stop this injustice has written about Cyber-sex trafficking. Cybersex trafficking is the live-streaming sexual exploitation of children viewed over the internet. Pedophiles and… Read more →