Prayer to End Slavery and Human Trafficking

Many of my friends have heard me say “drip, drip, drip.” It’s a quote from the Author Seth Godin. It basically means consistent, persistent perseverance. That change almost never happens in a flash but with small consistent drips. One drip at a time. I believe praying for justice is the same, consistent, persistent prayer that perseveres regardless of the circumstance.… Read more →

Prayers of Prevention to End Slavery

Our prayers this week are for prevention, freedom and education. Three keys to ending slavery in the future. In areas of prevention one important aspect is the prosecution of traffickers and the de-criminalization of victims. In many countries victims are afraid to go to the police because they will be out-cast and become the ones criminalized. Prevention Awareness would be… Read more →

Prayers for Freedom, Salvation and Education to End Slavery

To know wisdom and instruction, To perceive the words of understanding, To receive the instruction of wisdom,
 justice, judgment, and equity;To give prudence to the simple,
To the young man knowledge and discretion. Proverbs 1:1-3 Vulnerable people are the prey of human traffickers. One way that people are vulnerable is a lack of education.  58 million primary school-age children are not… Read more →

Prayers to End Slavery and Protect the Vulnerable

When we train new volunteers we ask questions about trafficking cases to find out where our they stands on knowledge and understanding of human trafficking. And to find out if they blame the victim for being trafficked. Our questions are: What happened to make the victim vulnerable? What could have happened to prevent the victim from being trafficked? Do you… Read more →

Freedom Thursday: Take Action

4th Thursday: Take Action Join us every month to take action and use our gifts, talents and passions to end slavery. Upload a video to YouTube, write a poem, draw a picture, create a dance, post a blog, write your legislatures, you name it but use your talents to take action and share freedom. Today we are taking action by speaking… Read more →