Month: February 2012

Praying For People To Be Healed

Praying for someone else’s healing is challenging and sometimes frightening experience. Many times we never know when or how our prayers will be answered. I remember one of the most powerful ways that God showed me about praying for healing. I was living in Romania and working at a school in Romania. The remedial school was mainly for Roma children… Read more →

Understanding prayer through DNA

The following is an exert from the book “21 things to remember when you are praying for the (im) Possible. Creation and the Creator: Created by God. “God created man in His own image, in the image of God He created him; male and female He created them.” Genesis 1:27 “Every human being was created in God’s image” Sometimes in the… Read more →

Thank You, Polaris Project for fighting slavery

Certain organizations are so important in the fight against human trafficking that if they did not exist then the war would never be won. Polaris Project is one of those organizations. They have been responsible for the National Human Trafficking Hotline 1-888-373-7888, trained thousands, collaborated with numerous non-profits, social services, faith based communities and tirelessly raised awareness and advocated for… Read more →

Three Things You Can Do to End Slavery

In a World that is rapidly changing we find that our desire to see change is fast. Yet many times change comes in steps and a process. At a conference this year about Leadership one of the speakers said “don’t compare you life to someone Else’s highlight reel.” This is the same in ending human trafficking. To bring an end… Read more →

People, Truth and Statistics in Human Trafficking

I just want to say this post is my personal opinion about human trafficking and slavery, statistics and truth. Recently, a famous activist and survivor of human trafficking Rachel Lloyd wrote a story about sex trafficking and the super-bowl.  She is the founder of  GEMS, a well known U.S. based non-profit that helps American survivors of sex trafficking escape and… Read more →

Prayers for Survivors of Human Trafficking

February 6 through February 13, 2012 Thank you all for taking time to pray for the end of human trafficking and slavery. You are greatly appreciated by us and we know that your prayers are changing the World. This week our focus will be on survivors of human trafficking. Many times the physical and emotion abuse they have suffered continues… Read more →